10 April 2013

Safet Isović i sekstet Dušana Radetića. Beograd: PGP RTB, 1966. (EP 12631)

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Call me Black Sally said...

We are a label based in Geneva Switzerland. Working on reissue on LP frpm all music over the world.
We are very fascinating by the Sevdah music. Few year ago we release a short EP from sevdalinka in a modern style.
You can here on the link here : http://www.moijconnais.com/record/jay-bird-blues

We are really interested to make a Sevdalinke compilation on LP (as we've done two year ago with south italian music) and would be happy to walk with you as you seem specialist in this music.

We work since 3-4 years and we begin to have an interesting catalogue. We traveled in Bosnia 2 years ago and a compilation of this knowless music would be great.

Could please tell us advice and opinion about our project and we would be happy to have you as partners.

Thx alot
looking forward to hear from you
please reply at : info@moijconnais.com

Robin Girod and Cyril Yeterian from Moi J'Connais Records